The idea of a Front as used here is inspired by proposals of Che Guevara.

An anti-imperialist front comprises organizations and individuals in a diversity of situations who pursue an anti-imperialist path in a conscious, permanent, systematic and organized way and is capable of devising programmes, strategies, tactics and forms of struggle appropriate to every circumstance. In other words, it is a form of organization designed to unite struggles.

The unifying core of this Front should be ANTI-IMPERIALIST STRUGGLE.

The Front must be capable of drawing up a theoretical base to guide and implement anti-imperialist actions. Unity of action can be achieved on the basis of a shared analysis of imperialism, so that priorities can be agreed at any time. In other words, the aim of the Front is to organize intelligence and the will for collective action in an anti-imperialist unit capable of producing its own instruments for three purposes: analysis, training and action.

An Anti-imperialist Front requires a combination of theory and praxis. Imperialism is not a static phenomenon, and the Anti-imperialist Front should identify and signal priorities at any time, in line with the goals of anti-imperialist struggle.

The principal aim of the struggle against imperialism depends on the development of Internationalism, which needs to be analysed in depth at every juncture.

One basic feature of the Front must be inclusiveness: it must embrace all those willing to contribute to the fight against imperialism and help produce an international movement, in the conviction that isolated struggles take us nowhere.

Any individual or group should be able to work with the Front on a flexible and open basis, respecting the particularities and wishes of other members, subject only to the foundational agreements: Political bases, Appeal, Front Concept and Goals.

We need to develop a strong communication strategy that can inspire the apolitical masses and combat the propaganda of the ruling elites, which has succeeded in rendering the term ‘anti-imperialism’ obsolete. To achieve this, what we need is action. mobilization, heightened awareness and international solidarity.